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The new quarter started today, and I already feel overwhelmed! Last quarter was 9 credits and this quarter I’m taking 12. It’s going to be a crazy, intense 10 weeks! I’m sure that once I get into the classes it … Continue reading

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School so far

Oy! One month since I updated. Oops! I always have great intentions with this blog, but they don’t always pan out. Maybe I just don’t have that much interesting to say these days 🙂 The past month has been very … Continue reading

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I’ve always tried to be very efficient with my time, mostly because I have so many things on the go! Post-it notes are my best friend and I’m constantly writting to-do lists so that I don’t forget about anything that … Continue reading

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Finally finished!

For the first time in 4 years, I am no longer a student. Yesterday I finished my final clinical shift and officially became a certified critical care nurse! My long journey began 5.5 years ago when my mother-in-law planted the … Continue reading

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My nursing girls

Nursing school was great, but brutal all at the same time. I was very blessed to have made some very good friends who helped me through the good times and the bad. We survived it all together – studying, exams, … Continue reading

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2009 in review

What a year! 2009 was a truly great year full of adventures and fun. Looking back on my blog from the past few years I see three big trends: school, travel, and outdoor adventures. 2009 was packed with all of … Continue reading

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Christmas music and assignments

Everyone has their own thoughts on when it’s acceptable to start listening to Christmas music. For many Americans, it’s at Thanksgiving, for some it’s December 1, others it’s as soon as Halloween is over. My sister starts after her birthday … Continue reading

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